How to be friends with a spoonie

Advice for Friends of Spoonies!

Spoonie following God

I’ve seen a lot of posts and things about friends of spoonies and then I see spoonies complain about their friends. SO I decided to write my ideas into a little “How to”. DISCLAIMER: EVERY SPOONIE IS DIFFERENT!! Not everyone feels the same as me. BUT if you are a spoonie and this feels right to you, send this to your friends. Share this on facebook and maybe say which one means the most to you! People don’t change until we tell them how we feel.

How to be friends with a Spoonie

  1. NEVER say “If I could take it away, I would”! This is my biggest pet peeve. OBVIOUSLY you don’t want me in pain, I don’t even want people I hate to be in pain. This hurts us. After hearing this, spoonies will try to actively hide pain from you, which will normally cause MORE stress and pain…

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