Fro-Yo Covered Blueberries

making froyo blueberries

Fro-Yo Covered Blueberries

This is a simple and easy snack!

All you need is some blueberries, your favorite yogurt (I like Greek God’s Honey Vanilla), a skewer or toothpick, some wax-paper, a baking dish, and a freezer. You my also want aluminum foil and snack bags for storage.

Step One: Cover your baking dish with the wax-paper to make it easier to remove your blueberries after they have been frozen.

Step Two: Skewer your blueberry and swirl in the yogurt until the blueberry is well covered and coated.

Step Three: Drop the blueberry onto the wax-paper in your baking dish.

Step Four: Repeat Steps Two and Three until you have made as many Fro-Yo Blueberries as you desire (or until you run out of ingredients).

Step Five: Place your baking dish in the freezer for two hours. (I like to cover the dish with aluminum foil for extra security.)

Step Six: Remove the baking dish from the freezer and begin separating the blueberries and diving them up into snack bags for future snacks. (Or skip this and just begin enjoying immediately!)


Told ya it was easy! And they are OH SO YUMMY!


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