Move It or Lose It Monday: The Non-Workout

img_8985Welcome to Move It or Lose It Monday, Warriors! Oftentimes we want to stay active, but our bodies just won’t allow us to workout because we are in a flare or our fatigue is bad. But just because we can’t workout, doesn’t mean we can’t still be active. And on those days, it’s even more important for us to get up and move around. Or maybe you just really hate the idea of “official exercise,” but know the importance of staying active.

So here is a list of activities to stay active when you can’t workout.Housecleaning-on-cleaning-free-stock-image-and-clip-art

  1. Do housework. Performing household chores keeps you active. Gather the laundry  and load it into the wash. Sweep, dust, mop, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. All tasks that require movement.
  2. Garden and do yard work. Gardening is a task that is surprisingly active. Pull weeds, turn dirt and mulch, dig out holes for your plants. Get out your old push mower and run it over your lawn. Rake leaves. You will be working up a sweat in no time.
  3. Take your dogs for a walk or play a game of fetch. Dogs are great companions for staying active.
  4. Play with your children outside. Kids keep you on your toes all day long. Take them outside to run around and get in on the fun. Go to a park to swing and climb on the jungle gym. Join in on their games of tag. Hula-hoop along beside them. The activity will be good for you and for them.
  5. Play an active game on Wii or Kinect. If the weather outside isn’t conducive to outside play time, break out the video games. Sports games and dance games keep you moving.
  6. Wash your car, and I don’t mean to run it through the automated wash.
  7. Play a sport. Break out the old sports gear. Shoot some hoops. Play catch. Kick around the old soccer or kickball.
  8. Go dancing even if it is just around your house. Dancing to your favorite music is Dancing-dance-clipart-4-imagegood for the body and the soul.
  9. Take Tai Chi. Tai Chi is one of the most recommended activities for people with chronic illness and chronic pain. You can often find classes at activity centers in your town. Or get a Tai Chi DVD to follow along at home.
  10. Go for a swim. Swim some laps. Do water aerobics. Play water sports. Splash around with your kiddos. Swimming is a great activity for chronic conditions because it is very low impact.
  11. Walk to places instead of driving. Add more activity into your day by simply walking to your destination instead of driving. Walk the kids to school in the morning. Walk to work. Walk to the grocery store. Get those steps! Track your steps with a Fitness Tracker.
  12. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Simple and easy way to gain a little more activity in your day.
  13. Stretch or do Yoga. Stretching or doing yoga keeps you loose and limber. Very important for AS Warriors!

Reminder: I am not a doctor and am not providing medical or fitness advice. I am simply sharing my experiences as an AS Warrior who is trying to live an active life, while encouraging others to stay active as well. Always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

Do you have other ideas to stay active without “working out”? Tell us in the comments.

Keep Kickin’ AS!

Gentle hugs and Extra Spoons to all!


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