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Move it or lose it monday sit and be fitHappy Move It or Lose It Monday, Warriors! I hope everyone had a pain-free weekend. So, we’re always talking about the need to Move It or Lose It. We know that for our bodies, sitting or laying in one spot for too long can cause stiffness amongst other problems. We need to work to keep our bodies limber and healthy. But, some days, we just can’t. Some days our mobility is too impaired no matter how hard we want to push through. Sometimes the pain or fatigue won’t even let us take a walk around the block.

This is my secret weapon on those days.

The Sit and Be Fit Program.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about it or seen it on your local PBS station before. I have a backlog of these episodes saved to my DVR for days when I can’t perform my usual fitness activities.Sit and Be Fit

In 1985, registered nurse, MaryAnn Wilson founded Sit and Be Fit.  She got the idea for Sit and Be Fit after observing older adults in her high impact aerobics classes become injured and frustrated. Sit and Be Fit is and exercise program that is designed to address the specific needs of older adults and individuals with limited mobility. The results and reception of the program have been overwhelmingly positive.  In 1987 the first season of Sit and Be Fit was produced and aired on PBS and has been airing nationally ever since.

Sit and Be Fit is a non-profit organization committed to healthy aging advocacy. We believe everyone has the right to feel good and age well. We empower people to improve their lives through safe, effective, media-based health and wellness programming.

The Sit and Be Fit program can be done entirely while sitting down, though some moves do provide the option to sit or stand. The exercises incorporate weight and resistance training, flexibility, light cardio, and some brain and nerve training (like hand eye coordination and pattern memorization).

sit and be fit workout

Founder Michelle kicks AS with Sit and Be Fit

I personally feel good when I do the Sit and Be Fit workouts because I know that even though my body has tried to put limitations on me with pain and fatigue, I still performed some fitness activity. I worked to keep myself active and healthy.

I highly recommend every chronic illness warrior or anyone with limited mobility try out the Sit and Be Fit Program.  Add it to your arsenal of health and fitness activities. Never stop fighting for your health and mobility!

Items you may need for the workouts:

Light Weights

Exercise Ball

Resistance Bands

You can find episodes of the Programs Here. Here. And Here. Or on your local PBS Station.

Learn More about Sit and Be Fit Here.

Are you familiar with the Sit and Be Fit Program? Have you tried it out? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Keep Kickin AS, Warriors!

Gentle Hugs and Extra Spoons to you all!

extra spoons to you all

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